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Jetsetter Rick Meadows

He's called Raleigh Rick because he is from capital city in North Carolina.

He works in the hair products industry, but Rick is also an actor with film and live theater credits.

But more importantly, Raleigh Rick is an Undercover Jetsetter who has been all over the world.

Here's his photo at the famous bridge at St. Andrews.

But Rick knows how to create trips for his family and friends too.

He and his wife Annie see the world and entertain friends all the time with great food and drink.

You can see some of Rick's antics here as he arranged a trip to the island paradise of Vieques. As you will see, it was a trip arranged for 8 of us. After watching this you will agree with Rick when he says he should have been a travel planner too. Wait until you see the house and the food we enjoyed. We also saw Rick's physical acting abilities as he jumped off a famous pier with no stunt double.

And Rick knows his way around the kitchen too. Here is a quick and simple shrimp dish he whipped up for summer.

In addition, Rick has one of the best roast pork recipes with a marinade that will knock the socks off your little piggies.

Those are just some of the reasons we celebrate Raleigh Rick.

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