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Vieques Climbing Back After Irma

We are getting word from our sources on the island of Vieques that they survived while missing a direct hit from Irma.

Right now, we are hearing that they are having problems with gas, ice (see photo of cars lined up), electricity, phone service, and getting food to the island – thanks, in part, to the cash-strapped Puerto Rico government.

Still, much of the island is still intact and preparing for the upcoming winter high season.

We have done numerous stories on the island of Vieques which is just off of Puerto Rico. Here is our playlist.

Here is an overall video we did on what to do on Vieques. From what we're told this should be the same.

We also stayed in this incredible house which, we are told, withstood the hit from Irma. In fact, our guide, Susan Osborne, tells us that she stayed in the house, called Paraiso, throughout the storm. Her contact info is in the video.

We also did a video on moving to and living on Vieques. Much of what we reported still seems to hold true.

Remember, this island, because of its control by Puerto Rico's near bankrupt government, has a Third World feel.

Some of the amenities you’re used to on the US mainland are not readily available right away. So in times of natural disaster, you would be fending for yourself. We assume it is no different than most islands hit by a hurricane as devastating.

Still, there is great food, great beaches, and great people. Take a look.

The benefits of living in Vieques remain: you still use; the US dollar, your cell phone, and your English language.

Right now is a good time to book your winter vacation for Vieques. High season begins in November. Low season is August through October.

You can help the tourism industry get back on their feet.

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