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Real TV 2.0 = Season 3

So we’re finishing up Season 2 (44 total shows) of Undercover Jetsetter.

We’ve proven you can create a TV show off the iPhone.

Season 3 goes further.

We call it Real TV 2.0.

As many of you know, John pioneered Real TV back in the late 1990s and early 2000s as the first all-video news magazine show.

More than half the videos seen on Real TV were delivered by the audience.

Undercover Jetsetter is going in that direction too.

We want you to be a big part of our show with your videos. You shoot 'em. We show 'em.

We even wrote an easy-to-read book on how to shoot iPhone videos. You can get it here. These are simple techniques, but maybe some ideas you might not realize to make your videos professional quality.

Sure, the show is travel, food, wine/spirits, and golf. So, start shooting when you're doing these things. Show us something cool. Give us your insight and expertise.

But remember, Undercover Jetsetter is a lot more than travel, food, wine/spirits, and golf.

We're a tech show. We use the technology you use every day to create a TV show. You can use these skills to create your own video content for your business or hobby.

Second, we are a lifestyle show. Granted, we go to some luxurious and exotic locations, but we also show you how to live like a Jetsetter at home with recipes you can whip up – while saving money.

That's all you need to know. So, come join us.

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