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Living in Curacao! Could You?

Living in Curacao as an ex-pat is definitely possible.

We did some initial investigating for you. You need to sleuth Curacao based on your specific needs and situation.

The local English language newspaper is a great start.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well.

Let us open the door here.

Curacao is safe. It seems to avoid deadly hurricanes since it is further south of the typical storm path in the Caribbean.

You better like heat – both humid and dry. The climate is tropical but arid. There is not much rainfall except in November and December. The average temperature is the low 80s. Summers are definitely hot being only 800 miles from the equator.

Crime is relatively low as Dutch, Spanish, African, and South American cultures seem to create one of the Caribbean’s friendliest of islands.

The cost of living here is moderate compared to other Caribbean islands. It is less expensive than the Caymans but more expensive than Jamaica.

The per capita income on the island is about $20,000 US. The consensus is spending 15-hundred dollars a month per person would be barely just getting by. $3,000 monthly per person or $5,000 monthly for a couple is live-able. For a home in a gated community you will need about 15-thousand a month.

There are also good tax benefits if you move to Curacao, but you will need to buy property to take advantage.

Curacao also offers different lifestyles. Parts of the island can be secluded but less expensive while capital city of Willemstad is professional with a modern European feel with more amenities.

Curacao’s economy had been fairly good. Besides tourism, financial services and oil refineries have led the economy for decades.

But the recent instability in oil-rich Venezuela means less oil refinery work in Curacao.

And another blow comes from Hurricanes Irma and Marie. They missed Curacao but they destroyed most of St. Maarten, which shares a Central Bank with Curacao pulling down Curacao’s economic growth as well.

Like most nations today you hear complaints about income inequality and stagnant wages. No different here. And Curacao has had its political intrigue with the political assassination of a politician in the upheaval of becoming an independent nation.

Still, Curacao is trying to lure investment for new technology so there could be new age job opportunities too.

The main hospital here appears to be modern and up-to-date. If you're a member of Liberty HealthShare, you can get medical bills in English so they can be shared with members.

The airport also allows frequent flights to the US.

You would be living under Dutch rule. If you moved your kids here, they would be under the Dutch school system.

The island requires some assurances that you can support yourself. Paperwork to move there usually takes about four months, according to some reports.

Although English and Spanish are spoken here, you probably will need to learn some Dutch.

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