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Meet Some Top Bartenders We Found

Being a bartender is more than serving drinks.

You’re an entertainer, a friend, and a listener.

We’ve met some good ones who are also alchemists. They know how to creative their specialities.

Here are three. Don’t worry. We will have more in future posts and shows.

We start in Canton, OH at a Hyatt Place with Frankie who came up with one of the most inventive Manhattans for the winter. Frankie resembled Derek Jeter and he can definitely captain his bar to victory.

We posted Frankie's creation on our Mixology Page here.

Next, we take you to South Beach in Miami to the Front Porch Café to meet Stephen who whipped up one of his specialties but we don’t think many of the women will pay attention to the drink.

Then we went to the Washington DC area, in National Harbor, at the AC Hotel to find Soy who we tested to find us a drink that fit our palates. And he gave us a new Papa Hemingway recipe.

If you find a good bartender, have some fun with him or her and challenge them to come up with something new.

We will bring you more great bartenders from our travels.

And if you know of a great bartender we need to see, drop us a line here or on Facebook or Twitter.

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